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The year is 1958, you’ve been in the lagoon all day and its finally time to eat. You throw the ingredients you grew yourself into a big pot but there’s no rice! Fresh flour and water combine to create the deliciousness that is roti and your tastebuds are satisfied.

Be transported to the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago with one bite of our Tawa Roti. We only use fresh & clean ingredients just like home. Nostalgia guaranteed.


Tawa Roti is the independently owned, family business bringing traditional cooking and authentic recipes passed down from generations straight to you, from our kitchen in the heart of South West London.

We believe that roti is for everybody and are confident you’ll love our food, whether you’re on the go or having a chill moment, we can guarantee you’ll be doing it with quality because each roti is freshly prepared, but don’t take our word for it, taste for yourself!

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